It is used for making beautiful sculptures and show-pieces. Quartz can play a major role in the interior decoration of any house. It is mainly present on the earth in a crystal format. Engineered quartz can be used as floor Gas Fire Pit Table tiles in various apartments, hotels, buildings or houses. Beautiful kitchen countertops can be carved out of quartz stone. Quartz stone is composed of a mineral called as Silica (silicon dioxide or SiO2). Quartz lies in the category of glasses, so like other glasses it is also impermeable to most of the gases. Therefore, furniture carved out of quartz stone, require minimum maintenance and have the capability to remain continuously in their original form.
Engineered quartz stone along with marble and granite, forms the most appropriate combination of stones for carving out household furniture. Especially, quartz stone is engineered to form long lasting and maintenance free furniture and household items. The thermal resistant properties of quartz make it an ideal substance for water heaters. Beautiful vanity sets can be carved out of quartz stone. The durability and strength of these stones provides a long lasting feature to the materials carved out of them. Beautiful prints can be printed on these quartz tiles to give them a unique and thematic look. Quartz can be engineered to form flat slabs, out of which interior of any house can be decorated. Quartz can also be used for making different bathroom furniture. Especially Rose quartz is used for making sculptures.
Quartz vanity sets are highly durable and maintenance free. A quartz stone which contains the appropriate percentage of quartz is chemically engineered to form a durable hard and non-porous quartz slab, which is even harder than granite. Quartz stone can be used in a variety of ways for interior decoration of a house. Granite and engineered quartz surface are the two mostly used stones for making various countertops like kitchen countertops, bar countertops, shelves, desk etc Quartz, marble, granite etc are some of the natural stones, which are widely used for the interior construction of a house.
Its non-porous nature makes it an ideal substance for kitchen countertops.Quartz is not only, one of the hardest substances found on earth, but it is also the most abundant mineral present in the earths crust. . Its property of high thermal resistance makes it an ideal substance for fire prone areas in the house, like kitchen. The non-porous nature of quartz stone surface makes it indestructible and maintenance free.